Be The Trusted Advisor: Watch Your “Say To Do” Ratio

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In my post The 4 Proven Ways To Become The Trusted Advisor I talk about “trust” and its importance in becoming a Trusted Advisor for your customers.

A great way you can build on that trust is by watching your “Say to Do ” ratio.

If you’ve never heard that before, it’s pretty simple. Your “Say to Do” ratio is the number of times that you actually do what you say you are going to do.

If you want your customer to view you as a Trusted Advisor, then they have to feel that they can trust what you say – not only do they have to know that you are honest with them, but they need to know that you can be trusted to follow up on your promises.

Honesty alone simply isn’t enough. There are a lot of people who are honest, either in their assessment or their intentions, but just can’t get things done – something gets in the way.

Here are some examples that contribute to a poor “Say to Do” ratio:

  • When you tell your customer that you will be there Monday, but you don’t get there until Friday
  • When you say you will call to discuss an issue, but you never call back
  • When you schedule a meeting, and cancel they day before
  • When you say you’ll be there at 8:00, and you show up at 9:00

In every one of these examples, you may have honest reasons for missing the mark – it happens to all of us, and your customer will understand.

When it happens in isolation, it’s not a big deal – your “Say to Do” ratio is pretty high, and your customer understands that it’s just an isolated incident.

When it happens regularly, your “Say to Do” ratio is pretty low, and your customer will start to associate you with empty promises, and your status as “Trusted Advisor” is going to take a hit – for example, they may understand that you honestly intend to be there on Monday, but if they can’t trust that you’ll actually show up then that’s a problem.

Don’t try to make up for a low “Say to Do” ratio by following the “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver” advice!

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