1. What Is Your Vision?

    What is your vision? Do you have one?   Too many service providers don’t have a vision – they know where they are, but they aren’t looking ahead. There is a new paradigm in managed services today, and if you aren’t looking ahead then you are going to fall behind....
  2. Are You Just Another Needle?

    You’re heard the saying “needle in a haystack”. I have one that I’ve always used that I like much better (not sure where I heard it first):   “A Needle in a Stack of Needles.”   Why do I like it? The saying “needle in a haystack” implies that there...
  3. Sometimes Price Creates Value In Your Customer’s Mind

    How much is something worth? What’s it’s value? Sometimes, it’s not the quality of the product, or even the features, or the functions. Sometimes, it’s the price. The price you set for your services triggers a subconscious message in your customer’s mind. If your prices are far lower than your...

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