1. The Guaranteed Way To Sell More Services

    Selling a service is different than selling a product. When you sell a product, you’re selling something tangible – it’s an object, and your customer can easily research it to find out what it does, how much your competitors are selling it for, and what other objects are available that...

    “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all time MUST be entered into the time tracking system – NO EXCUSES! I am tired of hounding all of you on this. MOVING FORWARD, anybody who does not enter his time in the tracking system will get another email tirade from me!”   Does this sound like...
  3. The Solution To Ending Month-End Chaos

    “Month-End Chaos” You know what that is – it’s when everybody runs around at the end of the month, pushing as hard as possible to get as many products or services out the door so they will get billed. The problem is that, once you get into that pattern, it’s...

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