1. Stop Fighting Fires

    Break Fix services, a.k.a. “Block Time”, where services are made available on a pre-paid retainer basis are relatively easy to sell, and provide much-needed cash up front. Block time is a great way for small service providers to get started. It’s just not scalable. If you provide block time support...
  2. Customers Want One Throat To Choke – Make It Yours

    Given the choice, your customer would rather work with a single vendor for all of her needs – purchasing, services, consulting – the whole lot. She wants that “One Throat To Choke” (or, if you prefer – “One Hand To Shake”). Why? There are many reasons – here are just...
  3. Cloning Is NOT Differentiation

    I’ve always believed that individual creativity combined with a proper toolset and knowledge of how to use those tools is much better than rigid adherence to a specific methodology. It may be easier for you to follow down a path that somebody has laid out for you, but it’s limiting...
  4. What Is Your Vision?

    What is your vision? Do you have one?   Too many service providers don’t have a vision – they know where they are, but they aren’t looking ahead. There is a new paradigm in managed services today, and if you aren’t looking ahead then you are going to fall behind....
  5. Don’t Use Replacement Referees As Virtual CIOs

    In 2012, a labor dispute between the NFL and the referee’s association meant that demonstrably unqualified referees were put in charge of officiating several games. The replacement refs were a disaster, which really should come as no surprise, given they weren’t qualified in the first place, and made calls that...

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