1. The Guaranteed Way To Sell More Services

    Selling a service is different than selling a product. When you sell a product, you’re selling something tangible – it’s an object, and your customer can easily research it to find out what it does, how much your competitors are selling it for, and what other objects are available that...
  2. The Easy Way To Write Killer Service Proposals

    Writing service proposals is often left to architects and engineers – folks who have the technical expertise to understand the customer’s needs, but who (more often than not) have a difficult time putting those needs to paper in a form that is clear enough for the customer to easily understand....
  3. The Difference Between Selling Products And Services

    Selling services (managed or otherwise) takes a different way of thinking compared to selling products. With products, you are selling something tangible – something that is easily compared to other products, both in function and price. With services, you are selling the intangible – you are not selling a thing...

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