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“EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all time MUST be entered into the time tracking system – NO EXCUSES!

I am tired of hounding all of you on this.

MOVING FORWARD, anybody who does not enter his time in the tracking system will get another email tirade from me!”


Does this sound like an email you’ve received before?

Email tirades like this are tools of weak, ineffective, (or inexperienced) managers, and they are one of the 5 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Best Employee To Quit.

If you’re a manager, chances are good that you’ve sent an email like this before somewhere along the line (I have…)

Do yourself a favor – next time somebody on your team does something that drives you absolutely insane, go ahead and write up your email rocket, but give it 24 hours, and go back and read it before you click “send”.

Sending email tirades is far more damaging than you may think.

If you have a problem, deal with it directly and decisively, and you will find that you won’t need the email tirades.


I’m curious – what are some of the best ones you’ve received (or sent)?


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