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  1. Reach Out Before Severe Weather Hits

    Severe weather can cause significant disruption, and some times your customers need a little extra guidance to prepare. Fortunately, most of the time you have advanced notice. Take a few minutes and send a quick instruction sheet to your customers as soon as you know the storm is coming, and...
  2. How To Start Marketing For Free On LinkedIn

    Effective marketing campaigns don’t have to be expensive. In fact – you can develop an effective marketing campaign on LinkedIn that costs essentially nothing using social media techniques. Marketing through social media is not new, but most companies still do not understand it. There are many social media techniques you...
  3. Thousands Of Dollars You May Not Know You Have

    A lot of service providers have an enormous bank of money that is freely available to them, and they don’t even know it. It’s not just small companies that are missing out – there are companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars who don’t know about this. It’s not a...
  4. Treat Social Media Like a Loaded Gun

    Social media is a great way to get your message across. Sometimes, it can be TOO effective in spreading messages, especially when it’s a message you DON’T WANT to send. One case in point is a tweet sent by a staffer at KitchenAid, mistakenly using KitchenAid’s official Twitter account during...
  5. Cloning Is NOT Differentiation

    I’ve always believed that individual creativity combined with a proper toolset and knowledge of how to use those tools is much better than rigid adherence to a specific methodology. It may be easier for you to follow down a path that somebody has laid out for you, but it’s limiting...
  6. What Is Your Vision?

    What is your vision? Do you have one?   Too many service providers don’t have a vision – they know where they are, but they aren’t looking ahead. There is a new paradigm in managed services today, and if you aren’t looking ahead then you are going to fall behind....
  7. Are You Just Another Needle?

    You’re heard the saying “needle in a haystack”. I have one that I’ve always used that I like much better (not sure where I heard it first):   “A Needle in a Stack of Needles.”   Why do I like it? The saying “needle in a haystack” implies that there...


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