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  1. The Easy Way To Write Killer Service Proposals

    Writing service proposals is often left to architects and engineers – folks who have the technical expertise to understand the customer’s needs, but who (more often than not) have a difficult time putting those needs to paper in a form that is clear enough for the customer to easily understand....
  2. The Difference Between Selling Products And Services

    Selling services (managed or otherwise) takes a different way of thinking compared to selling products. With products, you are selling something tangible – something that is easily compared to other products, both in function and price. With services, you are selling the intangible – you are not selling a thing...
  3. Why Recurring Revenue Is So Important For Your Company

    In every service organization, there are really two major types of revenue: Revenue from product or solution sales Recurring revenue from some form of contract, whether it is managed services or subscription-based services. In this post, I talk about “Recurring” revenue, showing you how it effects your cash flow, and...
  4. How To Start Marketing For Free On LinkedIn

    Effective marketing campaigns don’t have to be expensive. In fact – you can develop an effective marketing campaign on LinkedIn that costs essentially nothing using social media techniques. Marketing through social media is not new, but most companies still do not understand it. There are many social media techniques you...
  5. Benefits Of Eating Your Own Dog Food

    “Eating Your Own Dog Food”, is a term that more and more service providers are using to tell their customers that they use the technology they sell. It’s an important way to show your customers that you have faith in your solutions – after all, if it’s good enough for...

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