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  1. Sometimes Price Creates Value In Your Customer’s Mind

    How much is something worth? What’s it’s value? Sometimes, it’s not the quality of the product, or even the features, or the functions. Sometimes, it’s the price. The price you set for your services triggers a subconscious message in your customer’s mind. If your prices are far lower than your...
  2. Get To The Root With Your Managed Services

    It is critical that you analyze every one of your managed services on a regular basis – ideally monthly. If you don’t analyze your managed services data on a regular basis, you can’t identify core issues and trends. You may “think” you know, but you won’t really “know”. Specifically, you...
  3. Take Down Your Dried Up Blog

    A properly maintained and updated blog can be a great thing for your company, especially if you are posting material of value to your customers. If, however, your idea of “updated” means you toss up a post every few months or so, you may be better off taking it off...


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